Lilley Cares Team

Robert Lopez

Executive Director of Lilley Cares,
Co-Host The Lilley Mansion


Robert Lopez is passionate change maker with an abundance of optimism. Connecting the differences that bind us together and building bridges between neighbors are the core of his vision for Spring Lake. Lilley Cares is the perfect intersection between his desire to help and our combined ability to make meaningful change. As a new resident of Spring Lake Robert is thrilled to join forces with other Non for Profits that engage and have proven records of change. To reach Robert Lopez Directly please email him at

Patrick Roggenbau

President of The Board of Directors,
Host of The Lilley Mansion


Patrick Roggenbau has been involved in the philanthropic world, in one form or another, for most of his adult life. His passion for environmental causes and human rights is represented within his artwork and the countless hours of volunteer work he has completed around the world. As a new Spring Laker, Patrick is committed to making a difference in the community that has welcomed him with open arms. To reach Patrick directly please email him at:


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